I have inherited Your testimonies forever,
For they are the joy of my heart.
I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes
Forever, even to the end.
Psalm 119: 111, 112

Saturday, July 7, 2012

We officially were placed on the wait list on May 10, 2012! It was the same day our friends had their court date to legally become parents of the little guy they adopted domestically. Could we ask for better Mother's Day gifts!?!?

God is busy growing His family and settling the lonely in their forever families. There are no orphans in God's world, and His economy is beyond sufficient for those of us who are called to His purpose. I pray for the day that I see no more orphans in this world, either. I know it may be the day of His return, but it will happen. God's thoughts are deeper. His ways are higher. Isaiah 55:8, 9

He placed the stars in the sky. He counts the number of grains of sand on the beach. He knows the children He has planned for our family. He knit them together and molded them with His own hands, even before they were in this world.

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